The Friend Zone Episode 27: Nineteen Days

As I left her apartment for the last time, a heavy snow fell and dusted the shoulders of my coat. I opened the gate to leave and looked back; a street light shadow-cast my tousled hair on the brick wall of her building. I thought of her lying in her warm bed, a smile on... Continue Reading →

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The Friend Zone Episode 26: Post Covid Blues – An Experience in Dating & Mental Health

Mental health is a very important subject to me. Coming from a family that…I don’t want to say ‘suffered’ under the yolk of poor mental health; more ‘perpetuated’ a regime of poor mental health, I can empathize somewhat with the type of things people deal with. ‘Empathize’ is a great word, because it means that... Continue Reading →

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The Friend Zone Episode 25: The Fallacy of Composition – Online Dating Disdain

I’d like to register a complaint: But first, let’s take a little trip down memory lane…We’re at a party. I spot you across the room and you make my heart race a bit. We make eye contact, smile at one another, I walk over and strike up a conversation with you about the music playing,... Continue Reading →

The Friend Zone Episode 24: Ethical JUST-Monogamy

Sometimes while trolling the dating websites, I’ll come across a picture of an intriguing looking woman, and stop to check out her profile. Yes, I ACTUALLY read what women write and often respond to their words. I know, it’s CRAZY, right? Unfortunately, not many people actually bother to read the thoughts of people in online... Continue Reading →

The Friend Zone Episode 23: So You’re Hot, What Else You Got?

There are a lot of 'beautiful' women on dating websites; in fact I'd say that all women on dating websites are beautiful in thier own way. The problem comes, when I run into a beautiful woman who KNOWS she's beautiful. This is why I always put in my profile that I'd like to meet a... Continue Reading →

The Friend Zone Episode 22: Single Female seeks Double Murderer

Sometimes when I go on a date with a woman, I'm made to feel as if I did something wrong. I feel like some women, not all, but definately some, will make a guy feel like he has to climb out of a hole, dug by the guys before who did something shitty to them,... Continue Reading →

The Friend Zone Episode 21: Dating in the Time of Covid

With all the sorrow in the world, it's hard to write a selfish blog about my stupid dating life. There are Americans and our allies trapped in Afghanistan while our government makes deals with roving bands of terrorist, rapist, pedophiles, who are displacing innocents and stealing children over the age of 12. MSNBC is out... Continue Reading →

Heroland Chapter 5

Strauss Part Two Part 1 January, 1987. My last year at Glenwood, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was dreaming…what was I dreaming about…I was cold. I was frightened. I felt held back, trapped. Drowning. So much water, covering me, choking me, squeezing me under it’s pressure. The weight was enormous. A... Continue Reading →

Heroland: Chapter 4

Strauss Part One Part 1 1985. That was the year everything changed. After camp that year, I started seventh grade. Seventh grade came with a few perks, the main one being that you could get a pass to go off-campus on the weekends. Only eighth graders and high schoolers could get off-campus passes on week... Continue Reading →

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