The Friend Zone Episode 22: Dating in the Time of Covid

With all the sorrow in the world, it's hard to write a selfish blog about my stupid dating life. There are Americans and our allies trapped in Afghanistan while our government makes deals with roving bands of terrorist, rapist, pedophiles, who are displacing innocents and stealing children over the age of 12. MSNBC is out... Continue Reading →

Heroland Chapter 5

Strauss Part Two Part 1 January, 1987. My last year at Glenwood, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was dreaming…what was I dreaming about…I was cold. I was frightened. I felt held back, trapped. Drowning. So much water, covering me, choking me, squeezing me under it’s pressure. The weight was enormous. A... Continue Reading →

Heroland: Chapter 4

Strauss Part One Part 1 1985. That was the year everything changed. After camp that year, I started seventh grade. Seventh grade came with a few perks, the main one being that you could get a pass to go off-campus on the weekends. Only eighth graders and high schoolers could get off-campus passes on week... Continue Reading →

Heroland: Chapter 1

Introduction Getting older sneaks up on you. No shit, right? I mean, I’m cognicent enough to know my age, but I don’t feel my age. Maybe it’s arrested development, maybe it’s just wishful thinking; I said I was cognicent, not smart or wise. What I do know is that I have a longer timeline with... Continue Reading →

Pissues and Shituations: A Tale of Public Bathroomery

Yesterday I had an emergency shituation arise while at the Crestwood PetSmart. I was shopping for a new mousy swing stick toy for my kitty, Mr. Meowmington, when a pressure arose against at my back door that required immediate attention. Unfamiliar with the bathroom layout of the PetSmart, I decided to shuffle down to the... Continue Reading →

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