The Friend Zone Episode 25: The Fallacy of Composition

The fallacy of composition is a logical error, a mistaken belief that what's good for one person, will still be good when others do the same thing. That's what internet dating is, because EVERYONE thinks that they're being great by saying things like "I'm kind and I like to travel", but, and I'm sorry to say this, SSSSSSNNNNOOORRE.

The Friend Zone Episode 15: Dating Websites

We go on a date, wind up back at your place and you shove that cat in my face, asking "Isn't he just precious?" while I politely try to back away so one of its poo-pee-paws that's been stomping around in piss & shit clumps doesn't touch my face. If I'm honest and say your cat is disgusting, I'll wind up in the friction-burn groin ward at Christ Hospital because NOT liking cats will turn your vagina into the Tatooine Desert. But, God forbid your cat scratches me with that shit-paw and gives me the sepsis.

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