The Friend Zone Chapter 25: Ethical JUST-Monogamy

Sometimes while trolling the dating websites, I’ll come across a picture of an intriguing looking woman, and stop to check out her profile. Yes, I ACTUALLY read what women write and often respond to their words. I know, it’s CRAZY, right? Unfortunately, not many people actually bother to read the thoughts of people in online... Continue Reading →

The Friend Zone Episode 24: So You’re Hot, What Else You Got?

There are a lot of 'beautiful' women on dating websites; in fact I'd say that all women on dating websites are beautiful in thier own way. The problem comes, when I run into a beautiful woman who KNOWS she's beautiful. This is why I always put in my profile that I'd like to meet a... Continue Reading →

The Friend Zone Episode 23: Single Female seeks Double Murderer

Sometimes when I go on a date with a woman, I'm made to feel as if I did something wrong. I feel like some women, not all, but definately some, will make a guy feel like he has to climb out of a hole, dug by the guys before who did something shitty to them,... Continue Reading →

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