The Attack of the Completely Ineffectual Zombies

The Attack of the Completely Ineffectual Zombies Written by: Terry Allen Cummings on 02/03/12 Brought to you by: Cous'n Cumm'ns Entertainment Cous'n Cumm'ns Entertainment: Because you gotta read something, I guess?   A lot of people will tell you, especially crazy eyed, chubby alterna chicks who wear all black and go to renaissance Fairs with their... Continue Reading →

The Tony Danza: A Look a Sex and Porn

This pic does not 'age' well for several reasons... I can still remember the first time I saw a porno movie. I was 12 and going through my mother’s dresser drawers looking for money with which to buy a pizza when I came across (no pun intended) a large VHS box with, what I now... Continue Reading →

Ten Things I’d Rather Do Than See “Transformers 3”

10.) I would rather be slowly and romantically sodomized by the entire 'Oakland Raiders' football team,                             including the coach, assistant coach, the water boy, ex players, referees, and all of their wives while wearing strap-ons. On the field, stands packed, all TV stations filming. 09.) I would rather watch, while helplessly tied up, as a... Continue Reading →

Getcher Pussy Off My Foot!

Getcher Pussy Off My Foot! Written by: Terry Allen Cummings on 04/04/11 Brought to you by: Cous'n Cumm'ns Entertainment Cous'n Cumm'ns Entertainment: You can put a pussy on OUR foot, just don't put a cock on our shoulder. Part 1   Today I took my dog Blu to the lake behind my apartment. I’ve lived... Continue Reading →

They Call Me MISTER Cummings

Part 1 "That's one big fucking fly..." As I sit here in my living room, trying to figure out how I’m going start this post, there is a fucking fly, as big as my dog, annoying the shit out of me. Because it’s night time, and the fly is black, I can only see it... Continue Reading →

The One About a Shit I Took

The other day started out like most others…I woke up and took a shit. I have a very regular cycle when it comes to making a doody, and although the consistency and volume of my dumps may vary, you can pretty much set your watch to their occurrence. This particular morning, however, started a day... Continue Reading →

Area Fifty-One

EAT IT! I was watching the History Channel today at work…as I am wont to do, rather than deal with customers. They were airing a special on U.F.O’s and Area 51. I’ve seen a lot of History Channel shows that try to disguise a message of bullshit and cheap paranormal theories behind sloppy science, lazy... Continue Reading →

Corporate Buffoonery

Chumley! As I was driving home from work today, I about lost my GOT-damned mind. Did you ever start imagining that you have telekinetic powers while you’re behind the wheel? You start flicking your fingers at the car in front of you, imagining that you’re throwing it off the road and crushing the chick driver... Continue Reading →

Four Friendships and a Funeral

Whatta week. If YOU told me the story that I’m about to tell you, I’d call the boys in white coats to pick you up and take you to the mental hospital where you’d wear plastic slippers and play imaginary tic tac throw. Not REAL tic tac throw because they’d take away the bean bags... Continue Reading →

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