Heroland Chapter 5

Strauss Part Two Part 1 January, 1987. My last year at Glenwood, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was dreaming…what was I dreaming about…I was cold. I was frightened. I felt held back, trapped. Drowning. So much water, covering me, choking me, squeezing me under it’s pressure. The weight was enormous. A... Continue Reading →

Heroland: Chapter 4

Strauss Part One Part 1 1985. That was the year everything changed. After camp that year, I started seventh grade. Seventh grade came with a few perks, the main one being that you could get a pass to go off-campus on the weekends. Only eighth graders and high schoolers could get off-campus passes on week... Continue Reading →

Heroland: Chapter 1

Introduction Getting older sneaks up on you. No shit, right? I mean, I’m cognicent enough to know my age, but I don’t feel my age. Maybe it’s arrested development, maybe it’s just wishful thinking; I said I was cognicent, not smart or wise. What I do know is that I have a longer timeline with... Continue Reading →

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