Responses to Craigs List “Comic Books for Sale” Posts!

Responses to Craigslist

‘Comic Books for Sale’ Posts!

Written by: Terry Allen Cummings on 07/30/17

Brought to you by: Cous’n Cumm’ns Entertainment

Cous’n Cumm’ns Entertainment: We ain’t worth shit either, but at least we know it!


I’ve been a comic collector since the 80’s. When I was a fat little kid in military school, which offered no parental guidance, comic books taught me right from wrong when I was at an age where I could have gone either way. When I realized that I could draw, I traded drawings of nekkid women to the high school kids to protect me from the other 5th grade bullies who constantly beat my fat little ass. When I got out of military school, my first job was at a comic book store where I learned a lot about life and the line of work I would spend a lot of my adult life doing. The most important lessons I learned while working there from the time I was 16 to the time I was 24 were:

1.) Comic books are ONLY worth what someone is willing to pay for them

2.) The comic book price guide is just that, a guide. These prices are not set in stone, for actual value, see lesson 1.

With all of that in mind, I have to say that I get a little bit pissed off when I see these comic books posted for sale on Craigslist. Now, using my FBI-esque comic book profiler powers of deduction, I can tell that a majority of these posts are from either old white men whose kids bought them a ‘puter which they still call ‘the machine’ or middle aged white men who have a mullet and a pet snake named Hambone, whose 16 year old 300 pound ‘Kinda cousin, but not really’ who they’re banging showed them how to use a smart phone which they peck at like Michael J. Fox trying to point out any city on a map. In either case, these are people who know nothing about comic books, least of all that their collection is worth shit.

I’m here to educate these nincompoops. The following is an actual post on CL, followed by the actual response I sent; enjoy.


Comic Books – RARE | Whole batch for $250$5


I have many comic books (individual issues and volumes) from the 1995-2005 era. Many are still in original packaging. Let me know if need photos of a specific stack and always welcome for viewing.

Ultimate Spider Man (2000) | Issues 1-9 | Okay Condition | $40
Powers (2000) | Issues 1-37 | Mint Condition | $100
Powers (2000) | Volumes 7-10 | Excellent Condition | $30
The Authority (1999) | Issues 1-8 | Mint Condition | $40
The Authority (2003) | Issues 1-3 | Excellent Condition | $20
Sam and Twitch (1999) | Issues 1-6 | Excellent Condition | $30
Marvels (1994) | Issues / Books 1-3 | Excellent Condition | $50

Also have Transmetropolitan, Barry Ween, Battle Pope (original), Gen 13, Squadron Supreme in good condition, just ask for individual pricing. Must see!!


I would lower your expectations a lot Brett. If you have 1st prints of Ultimate Spider-Man 1-9, sell them on ebay; everything else you have is garbage, none of it is ‘rare’. There are a lot of people who have comics posted on CL for years because they think they’ll make a fortune off of things that nobody is looking for. It’s a buyers market and unless you accept offers or lower your price to MAYBE ten dollars for everything, the best you’re going to get from this collection is leaving it to your kids to throw out after you pass away or using it to start a fire after Trump destroys the economy. Everything you have here can be found in the quarter bins of most comic stores, or folded in half under a table leg in an antique shop.

You’ll see a lot of people on CL who buy collections at ‘TOP DOLLAR’; ask one of them to buy your collection or call around to a few comic shops if you haven’t already; they’ll offer pennies for this lot if anything at all. You don’t see a lot of the issues you have here on ebay, not because they’re rare, but because people who own them know they won’t sell, no matter what price they sell them at. Dealers simply won’t buy your collection because they can’t move it and collectors aren’t looking for your collection because it’s garbage.

No offence, what someone collects is no business of mine, you understand; you may have really been into these comics; they may have hit all the right buttons in your mind concerning stories you like because you’re an untapped genius. The problem is that none of us dullards out here can match your high minded intellectual sensibilities when it comes to story appreciation, therefore this is just all shit to us.

Here’s a general rule of thumb I go by: ANY comic book released between January 1st 1990 – December 31st 1999 is worth less than the paper it was printed on; comics released between 2000-2010 are worth less than that. I mean Sam & Twitch? You’d have to pay ME to take those. Comics gained a bit of a revival with all of the movies coming out, but comic book movies end up LOWERING the value of their subject because they’ve essentially saturated the market. Why should a kid buy a 3rd tier character comic like Thor, when they can go see the movie?

Anyway, good luck to you Brett and like I said, if you have Ultimate Spider-Man 1-9 first prints from 2000 and in VF to NM condition, THOSE you might be able to move on ebay; but I’m guessing you don’t or you’d be asking for more than 40 bucks for them. You seem like you know nothing about comic books other than the prices you saw in an old price guide.


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