And now it’s time for another installment of:

“Responses to Craigslist ‘Women Seeking Men’ Posts!”

By:  a guy who’s currently getting laid so can say whatever he wants to other women (All responses would be much kinder if author was truly looking for some tang)

Crazy lady:

I’m in an unfulfilling long term relationship with a guy. I miss the days of passion and feeling wanted. I’m looking to get to know a nice guy and let them get to know me through texting/email. I don’t really want to end the relationship because I feel that I am just in a rut at the moment and I will get over it eventually. Therefore, I’m not looking for sex or even a meeting. Holla!


You may be the worst person on the planet and I hope a piano falls on your fucking head. So let’s get this straight, you want ME to get to know you through text/email just on the off chance that you’re going to decide to cheat on your boyfriend? This guy must be a retard for not seeing you for the filthy who-er that you are. This idea of yours is ten times worse than actually cheating on him because not only are you fucking him over by concocting this mad scheme, you’re trying to fuck over some potential hormonal zipper head, who has yet to be determined, by offering him a headache and blue balls. Two birds, one bone. How fucking narcissistic are you? I hope you’re hot because it’s going to be SO satisfying when you hit the wall one day and men go from hitting ON you, to just hitting you. You’re a bad, bad chick; you go to hell. And stop saying ‘Holla!’, my girlfriend sais ‘holla!’ all the time and it’s…hey! Waitaminute!

This has been an exciting episode of:

“Responses to Craigslist ‘Women Seeking Men’ Posts!”

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all spelling errors in the ‘Crazy Lady’ paragraph are the actually spelling errors of the Craigslisting author. Any subsequent spelling errors are not my fault, but are because of some irritant in your pupil.


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